Statement on XC trading & scams

Statement on XC trading & scams

It has come to our attention recently that there's been an increase in scams related to XC trading. We recognize that this is something truly unfortunate and we are sorry for all those who have been subject to such abuse. The Infinity Nest team will continue to work actively on preventing this sort of behaviour by taking stringent action against the offenders.

We'd like to remind all players that XC trading rests on the player's responsibility. Infinity Nest is in no way liable for any losses resulting from trading currencies with untrustworthy members. As such, no compensation will be made available.

Tips for safely trading XC

  • Make sure you know the seller is a reputable, active member of our community.
  • Ask other players/friend if the seller is reputable and has a good trading history.
  • Do not rely on screenshots of any kind, they can be Photoshopped easily.
  • Ask a staff member to vouch for the seller or act as a middleman.

Thank you for your understanding and play safe!