Community Update: v3 Beta Announcement

Community Update: v3 Beta Announcement

Hello Infinity Nest players! We're happy to bring you an early insight into things that will be coming in our next major update, Infinity Nest 3.
This list is more of a teaser and is nowhere near complete as there is much more to come, but these are some of the exciting things that you can expect!

New Client

Given the scope of this latest update, we will be releasing an all-new beta client. Aside from content updates, numerous optimizations have been performed to make this new client more stable, secure and fast.

Without going into too many details, due to the nature of this new client, there will be a certain adaptation period of adjustment while we work on porting all of our original content to the new system. During this time, some areas of content may be locked temporarily until they are ready for release. This includes some nests, items, quests, etc...

Website updates

With the release of Infinity Nest 3, we'll be introducing a slight refresh of the website. With it comes a complete redesign of the homepage, improvements to the forums, a new premium membership, bug fixes & more features!

While we don't have a fixed ETA for these changes, you can expect the inital wave of update within the next month or so. In the meantime, there will not be any further updates to the current Infinity Nest 2 client as we focus our efforts on the next release. Thank you for your understanding!