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Q: How do I register? It doesn’t seem to be working.

A: Make sure that you’re inputting details correctly.

  1. Must be using a valid, unique email.
  2. The username must be minimum 6 characters long.
  3. The password must also be minimum 6 characters long.
  4. You shall see a notice upon successful registration.

Note: This is for your WEBSITE account. The username is only a display name.


Q: I only see Full Client downloads, are there any torrents?

A: While Infinity Nest does not currently provide and official torrent, players have suggested using Internet Download Manager (internet / latency difficulties). A player has also created a torrent link located here: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/19118670

Launcher Patch Failed

Q: My launcher isn’t patching, what can I do?

A: Try doing a manual patch method instead.

  1. Download patch files from https://patch.infinitynest.com/dn/patches/
  2. Include all missing patch files after your current patch version.
  3. Re-run the Launcher.


Make sure you check the following before downloading / playing.

  1. We recommended your antivirus / firewall are disabled to successfully download, although unnecessary.
  2. Exclude your whole Infinity Folder from your antivirus / defence programs.
  3. Check that you can locate 'Inf_Auth.exe.' (edited)
  4. Launching

Q: I press start, but nothing happens. What’s wrong?

A: You are missing 'Inf_Auth.exe.'

  1. Try to retain it from your antivirus.
  2. Alternatively re-extract it into your folder.
  3. Make sure you whitelist / exclude the whole folder from your defences.

Unable to Load Patch Config List

Q: I get an error message that says 'unable to load patch config list', what can I do?

A: Thanks to the solution on Cherry Credits forums.

  1. Open internet explorer
  2. Click file
  3. Find work offline, un-check.
  4. Run game launcher or
  5. Open internet explorer
  6. Click tools
  7. Internet options
  8. Advanced
  9. Check restore defaults
  10. Apply changes
  11. Run game launcher


Q: I get the error message, 'Username or Password is incorrect!', why?

A: Most likely because you have either forgotten your password / are using the wrong credentials to login.

  1. Your registration details are website account credentials.
  2. You must create a game account under account settings.
  3. If you still encounter issues, submit a support ticket under account settings.

Client Data Error

Go to Windows Defender Security Center.

Click on "App & browser control" located on the left and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "Exploit protection settings".

On the System settings pane, do the following:

Turn all of the settings to "off by default" except for the two options listed below:

  • Randomize Memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)
  • Use default (On)

On the Program settings pane, do the following (but make sure to add the file DragonNest.exe into the list first):

Leave all of the settings unchecked except for the following:

  • Randomise Memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)
  • Check the "Override system setting" box.
  • Click the switch to the "On" position.
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how to get skill reset scroll ?