Patch 3.15 - Oct. 3, 2018

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Greetings InfinityNesters! The following below are the notes for our patch taking place on 2018-09-27 (JST).


Black Dragon Memoria: Part III

We're proud to release the final part of Black Dragon Nest: Memoria. Test your skills against the Black Dragon before the full nest release in the near future. As stated in the previous patch notes, Memoria stats are roughly 45-50% of Normal mode. Additionally, the Hero Coupon drops for all Memoria parts are finalised at a count of one coupon per person, per clear.


  • English translation pack updates.
  • Security patches.
  • A release of Black Dragon Memoria: Part III.


Skills (Based on Max Skill Lv.)
  • (Paladin) Armour Break can now be cancelled mid-cast by using Tumble.
  • (Destroyer) Bombs Away EX can now be condensed again by holding the back movement key while casting.


Known Issues
  • An animation issue with condensed ver. of Bombs Away EX.
  • An issue wherein 3rd phase change for Black Dragon causes the outer wall for certain mechanics to not appear properly.
  • An issue wherein certain Dragon Claw attacks in Black Dragon has a random chance to remove block and parry buffs.