Patch 3.06b - Sep. 27, 2018

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Greetings InfinityNesters! The following below are the full notes for our patch taking place on 2018-09-27 (JST).


  • English translation pack updates.
  • Security patches.
  • GM Rock of Blessing duration has increased from 1 day to 7 days.
  • Added L-Grade Spirits to Pania's shop in exchange for Hero's Dust.
  • The HP of Golem boss in Black Dragon Memoria: Part II has increased.
  • Eddie and Sasha (Physical/Magical) price have adjusted from 2,500 XC to 5,500 XC.
  • Systematic preparations for Memoria: Part III.


New Character Adjustments

All new characters created after this patch will receive a new starter kit consisting of:

  • 1x Lv. Up Reward Chest
  • 1x Darkness Wellspring (Bear)
  • 1x Darkness Wellspring (Wind)
  • 1x Darkness Wellspring (Life-Giving)
  • 1x Darkness Wellspring (Wisdom)
  • 1x Quality Destructive Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Mystical Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Brutal Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Wise Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Windswept Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Fierce Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Sturdy Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Adorned Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Life-giving Enhancement Crest
  • 1x Quality Health Enhancement Crest
  • 1x +10 Lv.70 Primary Weapon Vortex Geode
  • 1x +10 Lv.70 Secondary Weapon Vortex Geode
  • 2x Quality Life-giving Enhanced Dragon Gems
  • x40 Autumn Crystals
  • x70 Spring Crystals


Skills (Based on Max Skill Lv.)
  • (Swordmaster)(PVE) It is now possible to condense the final charge at the end of Infinity Edge.
  • (Gladiator)(PVP) Removed the ability to condense Frenzied Charge EX. The additional wind blades damage has increased.
  • (Gladiator)(PVP) The invincibility frame duration for Evasion Slash has reduced.
  • (Moonlord)(PVP) The damage of Halfmoon Slash EX has decreased.
  • (Light Bringer) The healing amount of Energetic Chakra has increased to 30%.
  • (Light Bringer) The damage bonus of Healing Chakra has been removed. The healing output has slightly increased.
  • (Light Bringer) The HP regeneration effect has been removed from Miraculous Chakra. The skill now grants action speed, skill cooldown, and damage increase.
  • (Saint) The HP modifier for all EX Relics has adjusted to x50 the amount of caster's HP.


Infinity Box Adjustments:

The following items have been added:

  • Dark Dragon Wings
  • Dark Crest
  • Light Spirit Wings
  • Light Spirit Crest
  • Black Guard Wing
  • Black Guard Tail
  • Black Guard Decal
  • Shy Decal
  • Heart Decal
  • White Fox Ears
  • Night Sky Wings
  • Night Sky Tail
  • Night Sky Decal
  • Noble Nine-Tail Mount
  • Hero's Dust - A new item used to purchase a Hero Spirit from Pania.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue wherein upon opening the Friendship Shop using the remote menu, nothing could be purchased or sold.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Eddie and Sasha (Physical/Magical) could not level up or gain any experience.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the new Active Skills (Passage of Arms, Provoke, Judgement Spear) could be pseudo-cast in PVP.
  • Fixed an issue with some items wherein the incorrect set bonus was applied.