Mid-April Updates 15/04/2018

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Greetings Infinity Nesters! This patch brings a multitude of additions and refinements to InfinityNest. Read below for the full notes of our Mid-April patch.

To share your feedback, please post in the General forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Support forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Support forum or contact us on Discord in the Support channel.


New Starter Packs

Following the removal of our Starter Pack from all general merchants, there are now multiple packs obtained upon creation of all new characters from this patch onward. Additionally, we've also added a ton of new goodies for new characters! From free equipment, geodes, dragon gems, and crests to talismans, there's more than enough to aide you on your journey through InfinityNest. Please check them out in-game by creating a new character!

Animation Updates & Class Changes

This patch also brings the addition of updated class and skill animation files for Kali and Cleric. This means that certain skills will now have an additional effect or animation and special mounts that previously had no animation will now work. Certain class changes are also live! Read below for more details.


  • English translation pack updates.
  • Client security patches.
  • Marketplace Pass (7 Days) in the XC shop can now be purchased for CC in the Community tab.
  • The Starter tab and InfinityNest Starter Pack has been removed from all General merchant NPCs.
  • All Goddess Proxy weapon level requirements have been bumped up to 70+.
  • Added new items to accompany the starter packs.
  • Adjusted Assassin voices to Korean.
  • New BGM at the login screen.

Class Adjustments
Force User
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Gravity Blast Lv.19 from 418% + 9943 -> 597% + 10533.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Black Hole Lv.16 from 297% + 7300 -> 844% + 8010.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Summon Comet Lv.15 from 726% + 18838 -> 960% + 19621.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Gravity Crush Lv.13 from 846% + 12971 -> 1144% + 13053.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Meteor Storm Lv.2 from 2274% + 28628 -> 2679% + 29049.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Linear Ray Lv.19 from 352% + 27876 -> 895% + 29011.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the buff duration of Force Shield Lv.6 from 20 seconds -> 4 seconds.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage buff of Force Shield Lv.6 from 30% magic damage -> 75% magic damage.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Nine Tail Laser Lv.16 from 531% + 29481 -> 1209% + 30556.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Spectrum Ray Lv.13 from 853% + 48977 -> 1474% + 50633.
  • (PVE) Adjusted the damage of Beam Tempest Lv.2 from 2780% + 38877 -> 3210% + 40221.
  • Added the ability to jump while in guard stance when using Stance of Faith EX.
  • Added the ability to fast-cast Justice Crash when jumping while using Stance of Faith EX.
  • Added the ability to cast Divine Ascension and Divine Vengeance without prior blocking. Also will not consume bubble stacks.
  • Added a new visual AOE indicator for Holy Shield.



  • Fixed an issue wherein special mounts such as the Soft Cloud would place Cleric and Kali characters with the wrong animation.
  • Fixed an issue wherein upon completion of the Transcendent Alteum (Extreme) entry in the Weekly Challenge, the player does not receive a reward mail from the system.
  • Fixed a rare crash issue involving bonus EXP from Guild benefits.

That's all folks! As always, we hope you enjoy this new update and we want to thank all of you for being a part of this community. Let us know what you think via our discord!