Early-April Updates 03/04/2018

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Greetings Infinity Nesters! It's time for another update, the following are the full patch notes for our Early April update.

To share your feedback, please post in the General forum. For a list of known issues, visit our Support forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Support forum or contact us on Discord in the Support channel.


3x Rate Up Infinity Boxes

From Apr. 3 until Apr. 9, enjoy boosted chances for goodies such as Infinity Fragment, Velskud Rings, L-Grade spirits and more! Please check it out in our XC shop under the "Boxes" tab. Our event version of the Infinity Box can be kept in your inventory and can be opened even after the event period has concluded. Additionally, any existing non-event Infinity Box(es) existing in your inventory can be opened but the event rates will not apply.


  • English translation pack updates.
  • Client security improvement.
  • Replaced "Infinity Box" in XC shop with "Infinity Box - 3x Rate UP!".
  • Late Seinfeld.