Patch 3.06 - Sep. 15, 2018

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Greetings InfinityNesters! The following below are the full notes for our patch taking place on 2018-09-15 (JST).



Black Dragon Memoria: Part II

Following Part I in our last update, Part II is now available. Faceoff against Merrick's Phantom and Chiliarch Titanion in this next iteration.

As previously mentioned, Memoria is a weakened version of the full Black Dragon Nest (Normal) raid. The approximate downscale is roughly 45-55%.

The runs are locked to one clear per character, per weekly reset. 

The coupon drops for Memoria: Part I have been lowered to 1, from 3 per clear per character, per week. Memoria: Part II drops two coupons.


User Interface Update

It's with great pleasure that we present the first massive UI overhaul. Following this update, the login screen, character creation and character list have been completely redesigned.

Login Screen:

This is what the character list will look like from now on: 
Upon clicking "Create", this is the screen presented. Please note that we now have a selection list on the left side of the screen.

As shown above, the class and specialisation information can be previewed on the right side of the screen.


PvP-Only Characters

Additionally, players can also now create PVP designated characters using the UI button below with the "New" label!


The Character Creation screen for PVP Characters is not that different from the regular one. The difference is that all created characters start at Max Level (Lv.70 at this time), and Class Specialisation will be automatically completed. All Default Skills will also not be learned by default, for those who prefer such skills to be optional (Example: Warrior's Elbow Drop, Cleric's Stomping Kick, etc.)

After the PVP Character has been created, you can easily differentiate between a regular character and a PVP character. Note the blue-coloured name and the different visual details below the Class Icon. 
As shown above, PVP Characters only have access to the Arena and have several other limitations.

Upon creation of the PVP character and entering the Arena, there will be an NPC standing right in front of the fountain, selling skill crests for basically free.
All newly made PVP Characters will receive a full suite of armour and weapons, a set amount of gold, x250 Eternal Orbs and x250 Goddess Medals.
To wrap things up, here are the special characteristics of PVP Characters.
  • It is not possible to click-to-interact with PVP Characters (Example: clicking on them, inspecting equipment, send a friend request, etc.) Such functionality must be done in their respective UI windows.
  • You cannot place items in the (Normal) Server Storage. If any item was taken out of the storage, note that it cannot be returned.
  • You cannot create a PVP Character without first creating a regular character.
  • There is no limit to the number of PVP Characters an account may have.
  • The XC Shop will function as normal for PVP Characters. (XC) Server Storage transactions are also possible.
  • It is not possible to use the Trade, Mail, or Marketplace function on PVP Characters.


New Active Skills (Ongoing)

In addition to the things mentioned above, we're introducing two new skills for Cleric and one for Warrior. One is for Guardian and the other for Inquisitor while the last skill is for Destroyer. Please note that these skills may or may not be in their final state, and could be altered at any patch. The following below are their skill names and summarised definitions. These skills require Lv.70 and some SP. 

  • (Guardian) Passage of Arms: Take up a defensive stance to protect your allies and yourself, while granting the protection of the Goddess. Damage Taken: -50%. The cast can be cancelled earlier by using the following skills: [Tumble], [Divine Ascension], [Divine Vengeance].
  • (Inquisitor) Heavenly Spear: If your enemies will not follow the will of the Goddess, they shall be destroyed. Eviscerate the unworthy with this spear materialised of the Goddess's Fury.
  • (Destroyer) Provoke: Taunts enemies with a frontal cone to temporarily grant you more threat than their current targets. 

Please check them out in-game! Also, expect new active skills for Crusader and Saint in the next update!



Brand New South East Asia Datacentre

Joining our list of playable regions following North America and Europe, accessing the SEA datacentre for gameplay is now possible. The datacentre is located in Singapore, with relatively high specs and network speeds. We hope you enjoy our new addition.


  • English translation pack updates.
  • Security patches.
  • Multiclient using command line arguments are no longer possible.
  • The Client window title has been adjusted.
  • The System Time and Ping Meter UI has been updated.
  • The prices for Rare Pets has been reduced to 2,500 XC each.
  • Upon clicking "Party" or "Invite to party" in the friend list, guild list, or by clicking the player, the Datacentre Selection window will now be forced open to select a datacentre.
Skills (Ongoing)
  • (Swordmaster) Blade Storm has been reworked.
  • (Swordmaster) Eclipse is now an iframe in PVE only.
  • (Swordmaster) CounterSlash's iframe has been extended to be the same as CounterWave.
  • (Paladin) Extended Shin Breaker's invincibility frame duration in PVE only.
  • (Paladin) Added an iframe onto Provoke to assist with Paladin's role as a tank. PVE Only.
  • (Guardian) Upon blocking, using Stance of Faith (EX), or for any reason fulfil the requirements to cast Divine Ascension EX, consecutive additional attacks can be cast by pressing LMB (Left Mouse Button) multiple times in succession.
  • (Adept) Ice Punch EX and Combo action invincibility frame durations have been increased for PVE only.
  • (Adept) Added a short invincibility frame to the first few frames of Magma Punch EX.
  • (Adept) Ice Beam can now be cancelled at any time during the cast using [Tumble].
  • (Adept) Ice Beam hitbox now accurately matches the effect length and width.
  • (Adept) Magma Wave EX can now be cancelled early, but within a specific time window by pressing RMB (Right Mouse Button).
  • (Chaser) Removed the ability to use Gore Kick while in the middle of using Shadow Rage in an attempt to remove an animation glitch where the player does not dash forward as intended, but awkwardly just kicks in place.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue wherein upon successfully blocking, Guardian class has an extremely high chance to either stumble, get knocked back, or interrupted for an extended amount of time.