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5 months ago faridred11's avatar faridred11 said…

Hello, anyone can help me....after download then stop working

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5 months ago Norman's avatar Norman said…

Hello and welcome,

Firstly, what I can recommend to you is making sure your whole Infinity Nest folder is whitelisted/excluded from your antivirus (or Windows Defender). I haven't seen this error message in a while, ever since our new client was introduced. So, I'll advise you of a standard check for most issues:

  1. Check that you have Inf_Auth.exe in your folder. If not, it may have been removed by your systems defenses. Re-extract the Inf_Auth.exe into your whitelisted folder or find it in your antivirus/defense.
  2. Try running as administrator. Run it using the Inf_Auth.exe.
  3. If that error still persists find us on Discord in the #support channel. Hopefully someone can help you further and faster!

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