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2 months ago vinzzy248's avatar vinzzy248 said…

Is there anyway to revive PVP in this server?
Yes you can challenge someone to a 2v2 or 1v1
but im talking about the different game modes.Ghoul mode,Domination, Rounds , etc.
Because its more fun to play 8v8 or 4v4 on whim and go in and play some rounds than a meager 1v1 that gets old quickly, especially if the enemy is an too expert for your skill level or god forbid, cocky and taunting.

Maybe some reward for joining PVP official game modes?
for winning, participating in certain game modes...
Half the fun of Dragon Nest (or quarter of the fun, fun is subjective after all) is PVP
Just a question more than a suggestion..

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2 months ago Sage's avatar Sage said…

We're always open to suggestions on how to improve the server! We do have PvP events periodically too where you can win rewards.

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