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Hello Infinity Nesters!

Community Updates are back and we have a lot to talk about in this first edition for 2018!

Staff Team Changes

Lots has been going on internally in the staff team in recent months and it's time for us to reorganize ourselves a tad! As such, Youki has been promoted to a full-time developper position to help alongside Recursive. Frozen has been promoted to Game Master to better assist you in-game, congratulations and in addition to this, we'd like to give a warm welcome to three new members of our community who will be joining the team; Omega, Jotan and Cookie who will be serving as Game Support and Moderators respectively. We'd like to say farewell to Gamba who has been with us as Community Manager since the beginning, thank you for all your hard work! Lastly, yours truly (previously known as Mugen) will be returning full-time as your server Administrator & Community Manager.

Class Rebalancing - Continued

With many reworks already in place for classes such as Warrior, Cleric, Tinkerer and Assassin, more are already on the way! We'll be continuing our work on Archers first, with an Acrobat balance coming very soon and moving on to Kali and Sorceress classes in the near future.


We've been hosting regular rounds of the Infinity Arena: Slay Youki! event as well as Hide and Seek so stay on the lookout for those in Discord! In addition the Golden Week event from Frozen will be making a return soon and we have some more things in the works to be announced soon!

New Unique-grade Costume

Due to popular demand, we'll be adding a new Unique-grade costume, the Vampire Set, to the Cash Shop! As with all costumes, the stats for the new costume set will be the same as all other costumes of the same grade.

Here's a sneak preview!
Vampire Set

A note on Eternal Orbs Abuse

Recently, we've noticed an increase in the amount of players abusing the Eternal Orbs system. Continuous offenses of multi accounting to gain Eternal Orbs at a rapid pace will result in a change to the method that Eternal Orbs are gained for everyone.

As always, we are open to suggestions so if you have any interesting ideas, make sure to share them with us through the forums or discord!

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