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Greetings Infinity Nesters! It's time for another update, the following are the full patch notes for our December update.

A new patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

To share your feedback, please post in the General forum.

For a list of known issues, visit our Support forum.

For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Support forum or contact us on Discord in the Support channel.

Table of Contents:

Patch Highlights

General Updates

Bug Fixes


New Lv.70 Dailies!

There has been a lack of dailies for Lv. 70 cap, so we took the opportunity to rework some older nests and make them worth doing on a daily basis, providing players with better rewards than older dailies would provide.
*Please note that the dailies are not completely finalised yet and content or drops may change at any future patch.


Some information about the new dailies:
There are five total instances, four of them being nests that will have to be cleared in a progressive order. The first two nests will have a capacity of 4 players while the last two will have a capacity of 2 players. The final nest will drop a key to The Vault for every player so they can get rewarded with gold and infinity scrolls for completing all 4 nests.

The entrance to the new Garden is located at the same place as previous locations.

*The instance names displayed on the chart above are not the same in-game.

In order to enter the first nest, you're required x1 Superb Lebrium as an entry pass, which can be obtained at our new NPC: Rosalinde. She's located along the train of NPCs spawned by the marketplace/auction house area.

logo - logo
*Note that you can only purchase 7 Superb Lebrium per weekly server reset. Failing an instance results in loss of entry pass(es).
**Entry passes will not be tradable or server storable to limit the dailies to the same character they are being progressed on.


Adjustments to Infinity Login Event!

Previously with the addition of the Voting system and Community Cores, we've given another way to earn CC via the exchange of Eternal Orbs earned by staying logged in. We felt the rate of CC gain was a bit low as the server continued to expand and progress down the development line. All rates for Eternal Orbs and gold received are now increased by threefold. The number of goddess teardrops you can receive has also been increased by 2x.



  • Added a new teleport option at Garden of Eternity portal in Saint Haven.
  • Added four new daily instances.
  • Added a new dailies reward instance.
  • Added a new NPC to handle dailies related exchanges.
  • BGM adjustments.
  • Christmas themes have been applied to Mana Ridge, Ironwood Village, and Saint Haven.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Goddess Teardrop item displayed the incorrect description.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the sharpshooter skill descriptions displayed the incorrect damage calculation.
  • Improved client security.
  • English Translation update (Client-side)

That's all folks! As always, we hope you enjoy this new update and we want to thank all of you for being a part of this community. Let us know what you think via our discord or a response to this thread!

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Where's the class balancing changelog sir?

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Cant they fix the weapon glow

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