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Greetings Infinity Nest players! Today, we are unveiling our Server Item Repurchase Program. Keep on reading to see how it works...

How it works

Perhaps you have some items you'd like to sell but have no one to sell them to? Maybe you need some gold to make another purchase and have some leftover Dragon Jades or Plates you could part with? Great, the Infinity Nest staff team will gladly purchase them from you at a fair price!

Anytime you'd like to make a Server Repurchase trade, you can mention the @Trade group on our Discord channel and a Staff member will contact you via DM.

Pricing Index

Item Purchase Options
(1) Quality Dragon Jade 250g + 2 Jade Cores
(1) Superb Enhancement Plate 500g
(2) Superb Enhancement Plate 1,000g OR 300g + 1 High Grade Plate Pouch

Important Note: The following types of Enhancement Plates are ineligible for the Server Repurchase Program.

  • Stunning
  • Paralyzing
  • Unyielding
  • Strong-willed
  • Willful
  • Lucky
  • Magical
  • Spirited

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11 months ago Coldference's avatar Coldference said…

Hum just to make sure, this only goes for lvl60 items ? Or do you also accept 50 jades/plates ?
Also, how about (high grade) Talismans ?

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The purpose of this "system" was to get rid off those 60 lvl jades/plates that people don't want, however we also trade 50 lvl jades as a lot of people need them for their l-grade items or corrupted sets.
Therefore, we trade 50 and 60 lvl Quality Dragon Gems and 60 lvl Superb Enhancement Crests.
As for the Quality Talismans, they aren't accessible at the moment so that's not even possible however we might take this idea into consideration once they're released.

The one and only !

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Ah okey, I see ! Thank you for your answer.
(And good to know for the talismans, I was keeping my talismans fragments thinking to use them soon. Well, 'will still keep them until release anyway)

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Is this ongoing now or its done, id love to know how and does it work for lvl70 :D

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is this still eligible?

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nice <3

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