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At Infinity Nest, the players come first. However, rules and regulations must be set in order to maintain gameplay quality for other players. For this reason, we've compiled a list of various actions that are forbidden on Infinity Nest. Please note that there may be other punishable offences not included on the list.

The method of punishment for breaking any of these guidelines is up to the discretion of Infinity Nest staff members.

I. Rules of Conduct

The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behaviour is expected of you and what behaviour you can expect from other users both in-game and on the Discord server.
Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address manner of offensive behaviour.

While using any InfinityNest service, you will encounter a large number of users who share different experiences and come from different backgrounds. While certain language and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that the same language and images may have a completely different effect on someone else.

All users on InfinityNest must agree to these rules. Violations will lead to a corresponding suspension on the players in-game and/or Discord account.

A. Naming Policy

When choosing a character name, creating a guild, or otherwise creating a label that can be seen by other users using the Game or the service, you must abide by the guidelines set forth here, as well as rules of common decency.

If a InfinityNest staff finds such a label to be offensive or inappropriate, they may change the name, remove the label and corresponding chat room, and/or suspend or terminate your use of service. Guilds which violate the policy will be deleted with or without a warning.

You may not create a name or label related, referring, incorporates or utilizes any of the following: Religion, Politics, Organizations; Nationality, Racism, Ethics; Harassment or Defamation, Obscenity, Vulgarity, Insults; Sexually explicit, Violence; Hateful, Drugs, Unlawful; Staff member or any staff oriented name; Incomprehensible.

B. Interacting with fellow players and staff

Communicating in-game with other users and staff members, whether by text or any other method, it is a fundamental element of the Game. The following rules are not intended to be exhaustive. InfinityNest staff may use their discretion to decide what may break these rules.

When communicating with other users and staff you may not:

Communicate any unlawful, obscene, harassment, racist or any such language, and/or imagery deemed inappropriate by InfinityNest staff;

Disrupt any feature of the Game, and/or any component in a manner that is deemed negatively on other users including but not limited to, sending junk messages, repeated unsolicited messages, sending advertisement, and/or services for goods or services originating outside the Game;

Participate in any action that, in the sole and absolute discretion of InfinityNest staff, results or may result in a player being "scammed" or defrauded out of currency or any other items the user has earned;

Impersonate any user, including without limitation any "game master" or any other InfinityNest staff member; Communicate, post and/or direct users to information regarding a user's or staff members identity and/or personal information;

Lie to, or attempt to deceive InfinityNest staff.

C. Gameplay

  1. Streaming on any service is allowed, however, we encourage you to research Terms of Service before using the streaming service you intended to use in order to protect your streaming account.

  2. Certain behaviour goes beyond what is considered fair and are considered a violation of this agreement. This behaviour includes, but is not limited to, the following: Using, or exploiting errors in design, features, and/or bugs to gain access that is otherwise not available, to facilitate and/or grant you an advantage over other players.

D. Forum

Communication with staff and other players via our Discord server is highly recommended, but not required. We still maintain and check the forums, but response times will generally be lower.

Infinity Nest can't allow all kinds of discussion on the forum. The forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss ideas, give game-play advice, role-play and converse about any other aspect with other players.

Forums work best when participants treat their fellow users with respect, courtesy and common decency. Therefore, please be civilized when participating. Infinity Nest staff need to be able to read everything you post to ensure it abides by this agreement.

Post that are not in the English language are subject to be deleted.

Infinity Nest staff reserves the right to delete, move or edit any post with or without warning nor explanation to the user. In the extreme cases, Infinity Nest staff may limit or block the forum access from a user.

II. Account Information

For safety of your account, never share any of your account information, such as email addresses, account names, and/or passwords to anyone.

A. Account Security

The account owner is responsible for the security of their account. Note that InfinityNest staff does not recover hacked accounts. You should: Never share your account information; Have unique and complex password; Connect yourself from a secure computer and network; Never download unsafe files that might contain viruses/malware; Never use the same credentials (username and password) on another service.

B. Account Sharing/Trading

You may not purchase, sell, gift, share, lend or trade any account or offer to do so.
Any such attempt will result in immediate account closure with or without notice.

III. Staff Assistance

We do understand that a player who's contacting the Infinity Nest staff might be upset over an issue they experienced within the Game, however, the use of vulgar, abusive or disrespectful language towards staff members is unnecessary, inappropriate and unproductive.

Players who engage in this behavior will be told to stop, if they continue, a suspension may be placed on the account. A staff member will never ask you anything that would compromise an account or it's personal information.

Infinity Nest staff will make sure every attempt to show you the respect you deserve. We ask that you show us the same respect. We take no joy in placing suspensions on an account, but must do so in accordance to this agreement.

A. Interaction with staff members

Time spent processing issues that has already been answered keeps the InfinityNest staff from addressing other user's pressing issues. If a single player repeatedly creates abusive or multiple questions and/or reports regarding the same closed issue, or otherwise misuse the respective system, they will be asked to stop, and if ignored, they will receive a suspension on their account.

Any attempt to bribe an InfinityNest staff member will result in an immediate suspension being placed on the account.

IV. Account Restrictions

Any suspensions or warnings set on an account are taken in consideration should the account be found in violation of the Rules of Conduct. Throw-away accounts in violation of the rules are always permanently banned. Some suspensions can be applied without previous warning. This will depend on its seriousness.

A. Warnings

For minor infringements, a warning is first given to inform a player about the rules and warn the player about future suspension.
Warnings remain in the player's record.

Warning can be given for the following reasons including but not limited to: Spam; Multi accounting to afk farm rewards; Player harassment; Racist or offensive sentiments; Abuse of assistance system (forum, discord and/or in-game); Lack of respect towards the server or the staff members; Any attempt to bribe a staff member; Not speaking allowed language in public channels.

B. Mute or temporary account suspention

This sanction can last anywhere from 1 hour to 1 month, depending on severity, and is given for repeated violation of the rules, or for any of the following: Scamming; Lying to, or attempting to deceive InfinityNest staff; Abuse of in-game bugs.

C. Permanent account termination

The most serious suspension. This suspension is applied in case of multiple violations of the rules, or after multiple account interruptions, as well as any of the following: Scamming; Use of 3rd party programs to gain an advantage; Hacking; Using any means of botting; Any client modification; Revealing the identity of an Infinity Nest member; Advertising; Selling/Buying player names; Abuse of major in-game bugs; Staff impersonation.

InfinityNest reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to increase a sanction, suspend or terminate your use of the service at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without prior notice to you.

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