What's the story behind your username?

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Hae 해 : Sun in english, or Matahari in Bahasa Indonesia, its a sad and happy story though,
I have a girl that i like (now is my GF) she came from an poverty family, her parents insist that whomever want to be with her should came from a noble or aristocrat family, Her name is Yuna, i like to call her Yue as she always shine like a full moon, and when i knew her parents are opposing my decision to be with her as i came from a middle-end family... i gave myself Hae nick name, as Sun and Moon can never become one... but then i fight against destiny, tried my best to make Hae and Yue became one, and I DID... im finally acknowledged by her parents, and so here i am, :D (sorry as it was a quite long story) :D

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Mine pretty much comes from this one book trilogy that I liked to read when DNEU first came out (the first server I played from 5 years ago to more or less one year ago) I first wanted my char to be called Lynn or Gwendolyn, but those were taken, so it became Gemma (the character from the book is Gemma Doyle)
After that it just got stuck cuz I grew attached to it after playing the game for so long haha

For alt names, ppl always thought I was Italian because of the name for some reason, so I always stuck to Italian-sounding names for (mainly archer) alts; Nocciola, Amaluna, Panettone etc

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I'm the only true hope left of DN

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this is also my ign on dn na. basically i just like real word ign's so this is one i found not taken.

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