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Hi great adventurer, always asked yourself how the hell a private server could be crazy enough to make a cash partnership with his legal detractor ? Me too !
But hey, my curiosity took over and I tried it out for you !

Procedure Disclaimer :

To keep it short, you are gonna use CherryCredits as a "wallet" to pay your XC.
Meaning you still will need to top up money on your CherryCredits account separately.

Security :

I kept an eye open on urls on each page, and by running my internet browser with µblock origin & Disconnect I'm also protected to potential malicious scripts from running. So rest assured, it doesn't seems like a phishing attempt. Your CC account will remain safe.

Steps Overview :

  1. Go to store
  2. Choose payment method
  3. Specify amount
  4. Enter your CherryCredits info to login
  5. Enter your pin to confirm
  6. Hit "return to Merchant" (important)
  7. You're done.

Actual Guide :

Step 01

► Considering your are already logged in (otherwise just login), navigate to Infinity's Store by hovering your nickname until the menu shows up.

Step 02

► Scroll down until reaching payment selection, and choose CherryCredits.

Step 03

► Enter amount of XC units you want to buy (1=2500xc). You may need to hit Enter in order to make the amount appear below and be able to click the green purchase button.

Step 04

► Now you will load to the CherryCredits website. Just enter your CC information (mail&password), confirm captcha and then press "GO" to the next step.
(I'm also showing the url to reassure people with trust issues, looks legit right ?)

Step 05

► Enter your 6 Digit Security PIN and click confirm.

Step 06

► You did it ! Well, almost. One IMPORTANT step remains : clicking on "return to Merchant".

This may look unimportant at first, as you may think "why not just leave the page lol".
The reason is plenty simple : you may not receive your XC if you avoid it.
More details concerning my experience below.¹

Step 07

► Finally done. You are now greeted by a green thank you message.

I did it twice

  • First time I clicked "return to merchant" without waiting and checked back quickly on DN and could confirm that I got the XC instantly.
  • Second time I did afk on the last "resume" page for about 1 hour and when I came back and checked DN out, I still didn't got my XC.
    After this I clicked the "return to merchant button" on that 2nd order page remaining there, and got back successfully to the "thank you" page.
    And when I then looked back up in game (just after it) I suddenly got my XC.
    So my conclusion is that your order may need to click the "return to merchant" button to be validated.

Hope this helps ! Being able to use CC is like having access to all it's specific payment methods to transfer cash to Infinity, wich is good news for people who didn't get satisfied by the already available payment methods on InfinityNest ! (for example : mobile transactions)

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is this process of payment still legible up to now?been considering to donate via CC if ever this still works.tia for replying :)

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Yes! This is still the recommended way to go about topping up your XC balance with CherryCredits.

Have fun~

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