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Hi, welcome to Infinity Nest! The current cap is Lv.60.


Here's most of what you need to know:

  1. ALL mobs give the same amount of EXP (at Lv.60 it is 33600 per monster)
  2. Most quests work and are functional.
  3. XC EXP scrolls ARE functional (EVENT), however other bonuses (such as PRO) are not.

Level 1 – 60

Since the Late-February Patch, the exp-curve has changed for Infinity Dragon Nest. This means it's a lot easier to level now. The only dungeon you'll need is Astral Coven Laboratory (ACL). From Lvl. 50 onwards, you can also run Queen's Garden located in Liverwort Marina for even more EXP.

How to get to ACL:

This is an easy dungeon. You can clear it on any difficulty. Ideally you want to clear it on Abyss, and you should be able to with Blacksmith Weapons + Level Up Box XC Gear. It should take you, at most, 5 runs to achieve level 60 :)

Credits: Special thanks to Craty and Gamba.

Happy Leveling ~ <3

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If I may add to your lovely thread, 5>town is another great way to level from 50-60. 5>town refers to the repeatable quests you can obtain from Loffy, and all you have to do is do all five dungeons on normal, then come back and hand them in, hence 5>town. I personally used this method to level my Guardian.

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