InfinityNest Updated (Jan. 27)

Published by Recursive 1 month ago

A new patch has hit the live server! Here are some highlights below:

Chaos Cubes for Pania Weapons

As requested by many in the past, we've finally implemented an option for players to convert their Pania weapons back into the Phantom Shards which were used to purchase the weapons in the first place.

Nest Entrance Adjustments

Desert Dragon Nest: Normal & Hardcore, Guardian Nest, Arendel Trial Nest, and Mist Nest will all no longer require an entrance pass. We believe this is a quality update for our players, offering more accessibility without the requirement of completing other instances to obtaining entrance passes that could go to waste if the instance should be failed.

Techniques Recipe Adjustment

All Lv.70 Technique accessories crafting cost has been adjusted from x66 to x30. Another quality of life update for those who seek to further level their skills above the current Lv.70 cap, whether the purpose is for PVE or PVP.

And much more refinements! Please head over to the official forum thread for full details.

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