InfinityNest Updated (Dec. 13)

Published by Recursive 3 months ago

We've released brand new Lv.70 dailies along with other changes bundled in!

New Lv.70 Dailies!

There has been a lack of dailies for Lv. 70 cap, so we took the opportunity to rework some older nests and make them worth doing on a daily basis, providing players with better rewards than older dailies would provide.

Adjustments to Infinity Login Event!

Previously with the addition of the Voting system and Community Cores, we've given another way to earn CC via the exchange of Eternal Orbs earned by staying logged in. We felt the rate of CC gain was a bit low as the server continued to expand and progress down the development line. All rates for Eternal Orbs and gold received are now increased by threefold. The number of goddess teardrops you can receive has also been increased by 2x.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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