Infinity Nest 2: Part 1

Published by Sage 7 months ago

It's here folks! The first part of our Infinity Nest 2 update has finally arrived.

This patch serves as a way to prepare the server for the full migration to Infinity Nest 2. This patch contains mostly structural changes in the client and item updates. Our next patch will include the rest of the Infinity Nest 2 update, namely things like 70 cap, skill revamps, a new class and more!

For more information on what the Infinity Nest 2 update entails, please read this thread!

  • Fixed the PvP Assassin shop
  • Fixed some broken character animations
  • Infinity Nest Client 2.0 merge
  • Added in-game radio feature
  • Removed Hackshield from the client
  • Fixed dual graphics card startup crash issue
  • Client security improvements
  • Adjusted price for Phantom Shards
  • Fixed Enchanted Rubinart's weapon set stats/bonus
  • Slightly nerfed DDN Dragon Stage (HP/Def)
  • ABN and Titan Nest from False Stronghold have been buffed
  • Added over 50 new items (Wings/Decal/Tails/Mounts) to Infinity Boxes
  • New Unique-grade Costume Sets: Innocent & Pure Iona packages
  • Fixed all cash item effects
  • Fixed all mount animations
  • Revamped all accessory (Wings/Decal/Tails/Mounts) stats/set bonuses
  • Translation Updates

The full patch notes can be found here.

That's all folks! As always, we hope you enjoy this new update and we want to thank all of you for being a part of this community. Let us know what you think!

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