Community Update 29/07/2017

Published by SiniS 7 months ago

Greetings Infinity Nesters! This time around, we would like to talk about the upcoming patch and what we've got in the store waiting for you in the near future! We would also like to inform you that we decided to wait for Infinity 2.0 and 70 level cap, however, we will be adding new events till then!

First of all, we will be testing the new patch this week so we can deliver it to you next week! Those tests will be held regularly as mentioned in the previous thread to avoid faulty patches and make them as good as possible!

As for the events, the staff team will organize as many of them as possible around the current content.

We would also like to let you know that we're still open to suggestions so if you have any interesting ideas, make sure to share them with us!

For more information about what's coming, click Here!

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