We're Back!

Published by Sage 8 months ago

Infinity Nest is back! Today, we're opening up the server again to the public with our Test Re-Launch.

Test Re-Launch? What does that mean?
The fix we've implemented is quite complex and unfortunately, there isn't an easy way to test that everything is working as it should.

That is why we're doing a public test phase to see how things will hold up under pressure and daily gameplay.

There may still be some bugs! Be warned.

With the re-launch, we're also releasing two patches separately. One with the launch itself and another will be pushed out later next week provided everything goes well.

1st Patch Notes:

  • New Weekly Events! Clear DE, Professor K & Typhoon Krag Hell Nests to earn some Garnets & Eternal Orbs.
  • 25 Infinity Boxes courtesy of the team! (Check your server storage)
  • 5,000 Community Points have been distributed to all accounts
  • Slightly tweaked Infinity Box Rates
  • Updated Pania Shop prices & layout
  • Update Pania weapons stats
  • Added Hero accessories to Pania (Argenta/Velskud/Gerrant)

2nd Patch Notes:

  • Read the full patch notes here!

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