Early-April Updates!

Published by Recursive 11 months ago

A new patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

Detailed patch notes are available on the forums.


New Challenge: Dragon Expedition!
Test your strength with the new Dragon Expedition! Face a multitude of foes in a random order to have a chance at laying your hands on some shiny loot! You will find Expedition Crests, Antique Accessories, Garnets and more if you successfully strike down all enemies!

The return of Memoria 3-4 + New Drops
We've been working hard on revamping the drops for Memoria 1-4 to make them more appealing. You will now find more gold, Wellsprings and a new type of gem to enhance your gear; Garnets!

In addition to the above, Memoria 3 & 4 have been re-enabled and the Worm stage has been fixed.

Enhance your Accessories!
With this update, we're introducing a new form of gear enhancement. Visit any Blacksmith NPC to start enhancing your set accessories and gain some juicy new stats!

To enhance your accessories, you will need any of the set pieces for Lvl 60. (Deadly Desire, Twisted Obsession, Tribe Bound or Ancestral) or any Lvl 60. Antique accessories. Velskud's Offensive rings are also usable. Once you have the required items, you will need the new Garnet jewel to enhance your gear & Life-Giving Essences starting at +4. The maximum level for enhancing accessories is +5.

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