Late-February Updates!

Published by Sage 1 year ago

A new patch is now live. Read below to learn about the latest changes.

Detailed patch notes are available on the forums.


Desert Dragon Nest: Memoria!
The mighty Desert Dragon Nest is here in the form of the faint memory of the events that transpired in a bygone era, Memoria. Test out your strength and strategies in Memoria 1-4 before facing the mighty beast for real.

Community Cores & Voting!
The long-awaited Voting function for the website is here! With it, you will be able to earn a fixed amount of Community Cores (CC) daily. You can vote once per day, every day!

With the arrival of the Community Cores, we've added a new section in the Cash Shop where you will be able to purchase common Cash Items and a selection of costumes (not available yet).

Infinity Login Events!
With the addition of the Voting system and Community Cores, we're giving you one more way to earn CC! Login daily to receive a free Infinity CC Coupon (100) every hour, up to 8 consecutive hours! Stay until the last 4 hours and you will also receive an additional Goddes Teardrop!

Revamped EXP Curve!
One of our main goals at Infinity Nest has always been to provide a premium quality gaming experience and as such, we're constantly looking for ways to make the game more enjoyable. This cycle, we revised the Experience curve and halved the EXP required to reach the level cap. Monsters in the Astral Coven Laboratory & Queen's Garden dungeons have also received a hefty fixed EXP boost to make the levelling even faster!

Other Changes

  • Added Desert Dragon Nest Memoria 1-4.
  • Added Infinity CC Coupons.
  • Added Infinity Login Events.
  • Revamped EXP curve.
  • Revamped Kelly's Shop.
  • Reduced the amount of Infinity Shards required to purchase Shadow Gear.
  • Updated contents of Infinity Boxes.
  • Updated cost of skills. (All skills now cost 1 copper)
  • Updated Quality Life-Giving Dragon Jade crafting potential.

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