Early-February Updates!

Published by Sage 1 year ago

This new update is a somewhat smaller patch in regards to content instead focusing on fixing bugs and preparing things for future content updates.

Detailed patch notes are available on the forums.


New Costumes!
With this patch, we're bringing the first wave of "old-school" costumes back! The new(?) Poker sets are available for Warriors, Archers, Clerics, Sorceresses & Tinkerers! Due to popular request, we've also added both Kaiser sets for Assassins.

New set bonus for Costume Weapons!
Costume Weapons have finally received their own set bonus! This is effective for all previously obtained Costume Weapons as well as future additions.

Other Changes

  • Added 7-Day Hidden Crest Expansion to Kelly.
  • Added Brilliant Technique Fragments to Kelly.
  • Adjustments to PKN & TKN.
  • Updated various UI element textures.
  • Removed PvP gear.

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