Late-January Updates

Published by Sage 1 year ago

With the release of this new update, we focused on the Level 60 Daily Nests along Cash Shop-related changes.

Detailed patch notes are available on the forums.


Staff Changes

@Ifris has been promoted to Game Support, and will now be able to help out with running more diverse in-game events with his well-deserved promotion!

@Serene has been promoted to Quality Assurance and will be assisting with more rigorous testing of the game. Congratulations!

Professor K & Typhoon Krag Hell Mode!
Scared of Professor K or Typhoon Krag yet? No? Get ready to feel their wrath in the Hell version of each respective nests! Make your way through the hordes of monsters and have a chance at getting great new loot!

Chaos Cubes!
Chaos Cubes are a new type of item on Infinity Nest. Have you opened loads of Infinity Boxes recently and find yourself with too much of the same items? Chuck them at the Chaos Cubes and have a chance at getting something better! For this patch, we're releasing the Chaos Cube for Rings. More coming in future patches!

Other Changes

  • Added new rings to Infinity Boxes. (Green Sparkling & Honour's Vortex)
  • Added Little Arnie pet to the Cash Shop.
  • Initial Cash Items balance. This is a work-in-progress and will be tweaked further.
  • Made most Cash Items tradeable. This includes Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Wings, etc.. This is a work-in-progress and will be worked on further.
  • Removed PvP gear shop.
  • Tweaked Infinity Box rates.

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