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Our Mission

Infinity Nest is a server with a fresh new take on Dragon Nest. Experience the good old days of the lower level caps, relive the thrill of raiding through challenging Nests and fight your way to the top!

The server does not offer fancy custom items, ridiculous stats, or overpowered donation items. Instead, Infinity Nest offers a more pure experience, focusing content updates on the areas where Dragon Nest is the weakest, while offering enjoyable new content at a steady pace. The voice of every request will be heard by the Infinity Nest staff who will work their hardest to integrate the desires of every player into the overall Infinity Nest vision.


  • EXP: 250x
  • GOLD: 10x
  • DROP: 25x

Game Info
  • Current Level Cap: 70
  • Starter equipment provided upon reaching the level cap. (Visit Belin's Shop in Saint Haven)
  • 100% Enhance rate up to +8.
  • Accessory enhancement up to +5.
  • Daily login event to earn free cash points.
  • Website voting system to earn free cash points.
  • Custom content difficulty.